Advances in Organometallic Chemistry

Robert West , Anthony F. Hill

Almost all branches of chemistry and material science now interface with organometallic chemistry - the study of compounds containing carbon-metal bonds. This widely acclaimed serial contains authoritative reviews that address all aspects of organometallic chemistry, a field which has expanded enormously since the publication of Volume 1 in 1964. It provides an authoritative, definitive review addressing all aspects of organometallic chemistry. It is useful to researchers within this active field and is a must for every modern library of chemistry. It is a high quality research book within this rapidly developing field.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : Metal Complexes of Monocarbon Carboranes: A Neglected Area of Study. Synthesis of Novel Silicon-Containing Compounds via Lewis Acid Catalyzed Reactions. Bidentate Group 13 Lewis Acid with Ortho-Phenylene and peri-Naphtalenediyl Backbones. Metallasilsesquioxanes. Cations of Group 14 Organometallics. Recent Advances in Nonclassical Interligand Si...H Interactions.
  • Data Publicarii : 09 Jan 2006
  • Format : Hardback
  • Numar pagini : 332
  • ISBN : 9780120311538
785.99 Lei
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