A simple guide to HTML

Brian Salter , Naomi Langford-Wood

Editura: Prentice Hall
HTML is still regarded as the most popular and easy to use of the web development tools. Its user base is enormous, and has an extremely high hobbyist user base. A Simple Guide to HTML offers the reader a brief introduction to the technology and explains some basics of web development. Readers will be able to create simple web pages and basic web sites by following the step by step examples.HTML has received no major upgrades in recent years, and has become entrenched in the world of web design. This book is the first step for anybody wanting to begin designing web sites.
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    Introduction xii

    What is in this book xii

    Conventions and icons xiii

    About the authors xiv


    1 Document structure 1

    What is HTML? 2

    Why bother with the code at all? 7

    A basic page 9


    <HTML> 12


    <HEAD> 13


    <BODY> 13

    The other stuff 13


    <TITLE> 15

    A word of warning 15


    4 Multimedia 57

    Sound 58

    Video 63

    Flash and Shockwave 63

    Java applets 64


    5 Links and image maps 67

    HREF 68

    Relative path names 69

    Absolute path names 70

    Linking to Web pages 71

    Linking to specific locations 72

    Special characters 73

    Mailto: 74

    Using images as links 75

    Image maps 76


    6 Lists 81

    Numbered lists 82

    Bulleted lists 87

    Margins and padding 127

    Backgrounds 129

    Borders 131

    Text appearance 132

    Text alignment

  • Data Publicarii : 2002
  • Editie : 1
  • Format : Paperback
  • Numar pagini : 224
  • ISBN : 9780130088437
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