Age-dependent Doses to Members of the Public from Intake of Radionuclides: Pt. 2: Ingestion Dose Coefficients: v. 23/3-4: Annals of the ICRP


In March 1987 the International Commission on Radiological Protection established a Task Group of Committee 2 'to evaluate dose per unit intake for members of the public'. In this, the second of two reports given by the Task Group, ingestion dose coefficients are given for isotopes of sulphur, cobalt, nickel, zinc, molybdenum, technetium, silver, tellurium and polonium using the new tissue weighting factors (wT ) given by the Commission in its 1990 Recommendations. Revised ingestion dose coefficients are also included for the radioisotopes given in Part 1 using the new wT values. In addition, ingestion dose coefficients are given for further radioisotopes. A generic model for the biokinetics of lead and the alkaline earths strontium, barium and radium has been introduced for calculating ingestion dose coefficients for radioisotopes of these elements. This model has been applied to the recalculation of the ingestion dose coefficients for 90 Sr, the only strontium isotope considered in Part 1. The ICRP has now given new wT values for the urinary bladder and colon, and new information has become available on the biokinetics of plutonium, americium and neptunium in humans. As a result the Task Group considered it appropriate to revise the biokinetic models for these elements given in Part 1.
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  • Cuprins : Preface. Glossary of Terms. Introduction. Computation of Age-dependent Effective Dose Coefficients. Biokinetic Data and Ingestion Dose Coefficients. Sulphur. Cobalt. Nickel. Zinc. Strontium. Molybdenum. Technetium. Silver. Tellurium. Barium. Lead. Polonium. Radium. Appendix A: Age-specific Biokinetic Models for the Alkaline Earth Elements and Lead. Appendix B: Age-specific Biokinetic Models for Plutonium, Americium, and Neptunium. Appendix C: Age-specific Biokinetic Data and Dose Coefficients for Radioisotopes of Hydrogen, Carbon, Zirconium, Niobium, Ruthenium, Iodine, Caesium, Cerium, Plutonium, Americium, and Neptunium.
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