Atlas of Normal Roentgen Variants That May Simulate Disease

Theodore E. Keats , Mark W. Anderson

Editura: Mosby
Get the latest update to a classic book that has proven invaluable for differentiating a normal image from a disease entity. For years, radiologists and residents as well as allied health professionals, have used this book to avoid false positives. Incorporating nearly 6000 images, this reference shows you more variants and pseudo-legions than any other text. This new edition contains over 300 new common and rare entities and hundreds of new MR and CT correlations to help you make the correct diagnosis. This bible of radiology now has a fresh, modern format and incorporates the latest cutting edge imaging techniques.
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  • Cuprins : I. THE BONES 1. The Skull The Calvaria Physiologic Intracranial Calcifications The Frontal Bone The Parietal Bone The Occipital Bone The Temporal Bone * The Mastoid * The Petrous Pyramid The Sphenoid Bone The Base of the Skull The Sella Turcica 2. The Facial Bones The Orbits The Paranasal Sinuses * The Maxillary Sinuses * The Frontal Sinuses * The Ethmoid Bone and Ethmoidal Sinuses * The Sphenoidal Sinuses The Zygomatic Arch The Mandible The Nose 3. The Spine The Cervical Spine The Thoracic Spine The Lumbar Spine The Sacrum The Coccyx The Sacroiliac Joints 4. The Pelvic Girdle The Ilium * The Pubis and Ischium * The Acetabulum 5. The Shoulder Girdle and Thoracic Cage The Scapula * The Clavicle The Sterum * The Ribs 6. The Upper Extremity The Humerus * The Proximal Portion of the Humerus * The Distal Portion of the Humerus The Forearm * The Proximal Portion of the Forearm * The Distal Portion of the Forearm The Hand * The Carpals * The Accessory Ossicles * Th
  • Data Publicarii : 23 Nov 2006
  • Editie : 8 Rev ed
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  • ISBN : 9780323043007
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