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Biometals and Ligands for Anticancer Drug Design
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Thermodynamics of Spontaneous and Non-Spontaneous Processes
611.99 Lei
Numerical Methods of Solving Ill-Posed Problems of Dielectric Spectrometry
722.99 Lei
Fractals and Local Order in Polymeric Materials
893.99 Lei
Cluster Model Interrelation with Modern Physical Concepts
246.99 Lei
Fractal Analysis of Gas Transport in Polymers
809.99 Lei
Linear Energy Relationships to Chemical Kinetics
234.99 Lei
Liquid-Phase Oxidation of Unsaturated Compounds
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Compounds and Materials with Specific Properties
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Hydrodynamic and Mass Transfer in Vortical-Type Devices
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Photochemical Reactions in Heterochain Polymers
1257.99 Lei
Stabilization and Modification of Cellulose Diacetate
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Synergetics and Fractal Analysis of Polymer Composites Filled with Short Fibers
975.99 Lei
Structure and Properties of Particulate-Filled Polymer Composites
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Theoretical Estimation of Acidic Force of Linear Olefins of Cationic Polymerization
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