Bluescreen Compositing: A Practical Guide for Video and Moviemaking

John Jackman

Editura: CMP Books
Master the art and technique of blue and greenscreen compositing with this comprehensive how-to course in creating effective and realistic composited scenes in video formats. You get clear, understandable explanations of the different types of keying techniques and how they work, including real-world examples and tutorials. Topics include setting up a greenscreen studio, how to light the screen effectively, how to light the talent or foreground material, and matching lighting to the composited background plate. Complete tutorials of each of the major software keyers walk you through the process for creating a clean and accurate composite. 4 color illustrations detail the art and technique of compositing. It is a complete guide to studio set-up, keying and troubleshooting. It includes a DVD packed with real-world examples and tutorial lessons.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : I. Introduction II. The Basics: How Compositing Works III. Types of Keying Processes 1. Luminance Keying 2. Difference Keying 3. Chroma Keying 4. Alpha Keying 5. Mathematical Operations IV. Simple Compositing Solutions 1. Coverup: Fixing problems in the picture 2. Digital Glass Paintings 3. Other simple compositing effects V. Setting Up a Studio 1. Paint vs. fabric screen 2. Space required 3. Electrical and HVAC considerations 4. Portable & High Tech Solutions VI. Lighting for Blue & Green Screen 1. Lighting the screen 2. Lighting the talent 3. Garbage mattes 4. Visually matching the background plate VII. Costuming and Design for Blue & Green Screen 1. Color wheel and fabric choice 2. Sheen and reflectivity VIII. Format Problems 1. 4:2:2 2. DV 3. HD 4. HDV IX. Creating the Plates 1. Background 2. Foreground 3. The Matte 4. Working in 3D programs X. Post Problems 1. Pulling the matte 2. Cleaning up edges 3. Repairing faulty mattes XI. Hardware Keyers 1. Ultimatte 2. V
  • Data Publicarii : 05 Apr 2007
  • Format : Paperback
  • Numar pagini : 248
  • ISBN : 9781578202836
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