Cases in Civil Liberties

Robert F. Cushman

Editura: Longman
This collection of Supreme Court cases is designed to provide insight into judicial reasoning and methods of arriving at constitutional decisions.
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    1. Rights in the Early Constitution.


    Ex Post Facto Laws.

    Calder v. Bull.

    Bills of Attainder.

    United States v. Brown.

    The Contract Clause.

    The Dartmouth College Case.

    2. The Nationalization of the Bill of Rights.Early Efforts to Extend the Bill of Rights to the States.

    Barron v. Baltimore.

    Substantive Due Process and the Police Power.

    Munn v. Illinois. Nebbia v. New York. Lochner v. New York. West Coast Hotel v. Parrish.

    Criminal Procedure and the Bill of Rights.

    Hurtado v. California. Powell v. Alabama. Palko v. Connecticut.

    Due Process as Fundamental Fairness.

    Betts v. Brady. Rochin v. California. Irvine v. California. McKeiver v. Pennsylvania. DeShaney v. Winnebago Soc. Serv.

    Substantive Due Process Revisited.

    Griswold v. Connecticut. Roe v. Wade. Bowers v. Hardwick. Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

    3. Rights of Persons Accused of Crime.The Exclusion of Unconst
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