Causatives and Causation

Jae Jung Song

Editura: Longman
Causatives and Causation is the first comprehensive study of causative constructions found in the world's languages. This important new research, based on a data base of more than 600 languages, not only investigates fully the richness and variety of causative types, but also presents an alternative perspective to the traditional typological approach. The new typology enables a better understanding of how the human mind cognizes causation and how this is reflected in language. Causatives and Causation is also an important attempt to integrate language typology with diachrony by constructing a diachronic model of causative affixes on the basis of this new typology. Drawing on the theoretical insight of Role and Reference Grammar, this book provides a case study of the causative constructions in Korean, providing additional support for both the proposed new typology and the diachronic model. It also examines the pragmatic foundations of causatives, an important but previously unexplored area of study.
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    1. Preamble

    2. A Typology of causative constructions
    Language sample
    Some operating terms
    The COMPACT type
    The AND type
    The PURP type
    Implicativity: a residual issue

    3. The evolution of causative affixes
    Other studies on origins of causative affixes
    A diachronic model of causative affixes
    Causative affixes: a diachronic track-down
    Implicativity and reduction
    Closing remarks

    4. Korean: A PURP-type language
    PURP causative and purposive constructions
    The Clause Linkage Theory
    Clause linkage in PURP causative and purposive constructions
    Problems for the Clause Linkage Theory
    A diachronic solution to the problems

    5. The functional basis of the typology
    Implicativity as the distinguishing feature
    Cognitive basis of the typology
    Pragmatic basis of the typology

    6. Comrie's theory of causatives: an alternative interptetation<
  • Data Publicarii : 1996
  • Editie : 1
  • Format : Paperback
  • Numar pagini : 312
  • ISBN : 9780582289185
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