Chemistry at Extreme Conditions

M. R. Manaa

Chemistry at Extreme Conditions covers those chemical processes that occur in the pressure regime of 0.5-200 GPa and temperature range of 500-5000 K and includes such varied phenomena as comet collisions, synthesis of super-hard materials, detonation and combustion of energetic materials, and organic conversions in the interior of planets. The book provides an insight into this active and exciting field of research. Written by top researchers in the field, the book covers state of the art experimental advances in high-pressure technology, from shock physics to laser-heating techniques to study the nature of the chemical bond in transient processes. The chapters have been conventionally organised into four broad themes of applications: biological and bioinorganic systems; Experimental works on the transformations in small molecular systems; Theoretical methods and computational modeling of shock-compressed materials; and experimental and computational approaches in energetic materials research. It is an extremely practical book containing up-to-date research in high-pressure science. It includes chapters on recent advances in computer modelling. The review articles can be used as reference guide.
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  • Cuprins : Chapter 1. Pressure-Temperature Effects on Protein Conformational States. Chapter 2. High Pressure Effects in Molecular Bioscience. Chapter 3. Molecules to Microbes: In-Situ Studies of Organic Systems Under Hydrothermal Conditions. Chapter 4. Application of High Pressure in Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry. Chapter 5. High Pressure Materials Research: Novel Extended Phases of Molecular. Chapter 6. Nitrogen-Containing Molecular Systems at High Pressures and Temperature. Chapter 7. Aqueous Chemistry in the Diamond Anvil Cell up to and Beyond the Critical Point of Water. Chapter 8. Solid Nitrogen at Extreme Conditions of High Pressure and Temperature. Chapter 9. Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Studies of Shock and Detonation Processes in Energetic Materials. Chapter 10. A Multi-Scale Approach to Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Shock Waves. Chapter 11. Plastic Deformation in High Pressure, High Strain Rate Shocked Materials: Dislocation Dynamics Analyses. Chapter 12. Shock-Induced Chemistry in
  • Data Publicarii : 25 Jan 2005
  • Format : Hardback
  • Numar pagini : 536
  • ISBN : 9780444517661
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