Color and Black and White Television Theory and Servicing

Sam Wilson , Alvin A. Liff

Editura: Prentice Hall
This book focuses on how school leaders can understand, evaluate and facilitate the change process by presenting a number of research-based models and tools along with examples of how each can be used to facilitate change efforts. The change process in schools and other organizations is made complex by the wide array of innovations and the different ways that people are influenced by them. The primary perspective for understanding change used in this book is the Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM). This perspective has been the subject of research for more than thirty-five years. The studies have been conducted in a number of countries and widely applied by change leaders, trainers and those who are responsible for evaluating innovation implementation efforts. New to this edition:New chapters describe three additional change perspectives-Systems, Diffusion and Organization Development-to present a broader perspective for students. A new last chapter, on Implementing Change, provides examples of how the various ideas described in earlier chapters can be combined in real situations. This chapter introduces Postmodernism and Critical Theory as emerging perspectives for understanding change. A new Chapter 2 discusses professional learning communities and organizational culture to illustrate how leadership affects educational culture.Package this text with MyLabSchool-a powerful set of online tools that bring the classroom to life! Visit for more information!
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     1. Tools of the Trade.

     2. The Black & White Television.

     3. Principles of Color TV.

     4. The Front End.

     5. Aft and Remote Control Circuits.

     6. Video if Amplifiers.

     7. Automatic Gain Control and Noise Cancelling Circuits.

     8. The Sound Strip.

     9. Picture Tubes and Associated Circuits.

    10. The Video Amplifiers.

    11. Low-Voltage Power Supplies.

    12. Sync Separators.

    13. Deflection Oscillators.

    14. Vertical Deflection Circuits.

    15. Horizontal Output Amplifier Systems.

    16. The Bandpass Amplifier and Associated Circuits.

    17. Color Sync Circuits.

    18. Color Demodulators and Output Amplifier Circuits.

    19. Videotape Records.

  • Data Publicarii : 1993
  • Editie : 3
  • Format : Paperback
  • Numar pagini : 608
  • ISBN : 9780131500129
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