Criminal Justice

Jay S. Albanese

Editura: Prentice Hall
Albanese's Criminal Justice, 4th edition is a thorough introduction to the field of criminal justice. In addition the major concepts, this text focuses on critical thinking as well as the media's influence on both criminal justice and the public's perception of criminal justice. Albanese gives new attention to up-to-the-minute laws and policies related to crime, search and seizure, and operations of the criminal justice system. The text examines cutting-edge issues of technology, including crimes facilitated by the Internet and identity theft.
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    Features xvii

    Preface xix



    1 Perspectives on Criminal Justice 1

    Perspectives on Crime 2

    Media Perspectives on Crime 2

    The Political Perspective on Crime 3

    Crime and Other Life Events 6

    Effects of Fear 7

    The Universality of Crime 11

    What Is Crime? 12

    Historical and Political Contexts of Crime 12

    Origins of the Criminal Justice System 15

    Justice in the Colonial Period 17

    The Evolution of Due Process 18

    THAT'S A FACT: Perspectives on Fear of Crime 8

    MEDIA AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE: Television Crime Dramas

    and the Causes of Homicide 14


    Carjackings in the United States 19

    Binge Drinking 19



    2 The Nature and Causes of Crime 23

    Defining Deviance 25

    Thinking versus Acting 26

    Mala in Se, Mala Prohibita, and Criminal Harm 26

    Criminalization of Behavior 29

    How Can Crime Be Explained

  • Data Publicarii : 2008
  • Editie : 4
  • Format : Hardback
  • Numar pagini : 624
  • ISBN : 9780205499090
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