Demetrius Cantemir: The Collection of Notations: v. 2: Commentary

Owen Wright

Demetrius Cantemir has several reputations, for Romanians he is revered as a major national cultural figure; on the intellectual map of 18th-century Europe he is seen as an important historian; and in Turkey, where he is known as Kantemiroglu, he is recognized for his accomplishments in the field of music, as performer, theorist and, above all, composer. This text examines Cantemir's life and studies his work in these different fields.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : Prelude: life; context; text - background, contents, pitch - interval sizes, from note to mode - systematic creativity. Mode: approaches - conventions, mode 1 - huzzam, karcigar, rahat ul-ervah, zirgule, asiran, safayan, siraz, kucek, salmak, sipihr; modes 2 - bestenigar, buzurk, zirefken; modes 3 - cargah, gevest, isfahan, nihavent, hisar, nisabur; modes 4 - nuhuft, sunbule, kurdi, mahur, pencgah, saba, beyati; the buselik group - buselik, buselik asirani, huzi asiran; the hicaz group - hicaz, uzzal zirguleli uzzal, zengule, sehnaz, nigriz; the acem group - acem, acem asirani, acem yegahi, acem-buselik, cargah-acem; the irak group - irak, sultani irak, isfahan-iran, muhalef irak, evic; the segah group - segah, maye, ru-ye irak; the rast group - rast, rehavi; high-register modes - gerdaniye, muhayyer, arazbar, baba tahir; the ussak group - dugah, ussak, ussak asirani; neva - neva; the huseyni group - huseyni, necit huseyni,huseyni-buselik, suri; unnamed material- isolate species, marginalia; structures and cl
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  • Numar pagini : 620
  • ISBN : 9780754602811
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