Design Patterns in Java(TM)

Steven John Metsker , William C. Wake

Design Patterns in Java(TM) gives you the hands-on practice and deep insight you need to fully leverage the significant power of design patterns in any Java software project. The perfect complement to the classic Design Patterns, this learn-by-doing workbook applies the latest Java features and best practices to all of the original 23 patterns identified in that groundbreaking text.Drawing on their extensive experience as Java instructors and programmers, Steve Metsker and Bill Wake illuminate each pattern with real Java programs, clear UML diagrams, and compelling exercises. You'll move quickly from theory to application-learning how to improve new code and refactor existing code for simplicity, manageability, and performance. Coverage includesUsing Adapter to provide consistent interfaces to clientsUsing Facade to simplify the use of reusable toolkitsUnderstanding the role of Bridge in Java database connectivityThe Observer pattern, Model-View-Controller, and GUI behaviorJava Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and the Proxy patternStreamlining designs using the Chain of Responsibility patternUsing patterns to go beyond Java's built-in constructor featuresImplementing Undo capabilities with Memento Using the State pattern to manage state more cleanly and simplyOptimizing existing codebases with extension patternsProviding thread-safe iteration with the Iterator patternUsing Visitor to define new operations without changing hierarchy classesIf you're a Java programmer wanting to save time while writing better code, this book's techniques, tips, and clear explanations and examples will help you harness the power of patterns to improve every program you write, design, or maintain.All source code is available for download at
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  • Cuprins : Preface xiiiChapter 1 Introduction 1

    Why Patterns? 1

    Why Design Patterns? 2

    Why Java? 3

    UML 4

    Challenges 4

    The Organization of This Book 5

    Welcome to Oozinoz! 6

    Summary 7

    Part I Interface Patterns 9Chapter 2 Introducing Interfaces 11

    Interfaces and Abstract Classes 11

    Interfaces and Obligations 13

    Summary 15

    Beyond Ordinary Interfaces 16

    Chapter 3 Adapter 17

    Adapting to an Interface 17

    Class and Object Adapters 21

    Adapting Data for a JTable 25

    Identifying Adapters 30

    Summary 31

    Chapter 4 Facade 33

    Facades, Utilities, and Demos 33

    Refactoring to Facade 35

    Summary 46

    Chapter 5 Composite 47

    An Ordinary Composite 47

    Recursive Behavior in Composites 48

    Composites, Trees, and Cycles 50

    Composites with Cycles 56

    Consequences of Cycles 60

    Summary 60

    Chapter 6 Bridge 63

    An Ordinary Abstraction: On the Way to Bridge 63

    From Abstraction to Bridge 66


  • Data Publicarii : 2006
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  • ISBN : 9780321333025
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