Dynamical Systems in Social Psychology

Robin R. Vallacher , Andrzej Nowak

A dynamical system refers to a set of elements that interact in complex, often nonlinear ways to form coherent patterns. Because of the complexity of these interactions, the system as a whole may evolve over time in seemingly unpredictable ways as new patterns of behavior emerge. This metatheory has proven useful in understanding diverse phenomena in meteorology, population biology, statistical mechanics, economics, and cosmology. The book demonstrates how the dynamical systems perspective can be applied to theory construction and research in social psychology, and in doing so, provides fresh insight into such complex phenomena as interpersonal behavior, social relations, attitudes, and social cognition.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : R.R. Vallacher and A. Nowak, The Chaos in Social Psychology. A. Nowak and M. Lewenstein, Dynamical Systems: A Tool for Social Psychology? A.J. Mandell and K.A. Selz, The New Statistical Dynamics: An Informal Look at Invariant Measures of Psychological Time Series. F.E. Schroeck, Jr., New Mathematical Techniques for Pattern Recognition. A. Tesser and J. Achee, Aggression, Love, Conformity and Other Social Psychological Catastrophes. R.M. Baron, P.G. Amazeen, and P.J. Beek, Local and Global Dynamics of Social Relations. D. Newtson, The Perception and Coupling of Behavior Waves. K.A. Selz and A.J. Mandell, A Family of Autocorrelation Graph Equivalence Classes on Symbolic Dynamics as Models of Individual Differences in Human Behavioral Style. J.R. Eiser, Toward a Dynamic Conception of Attitude Consistency and Change. B. Latane and A. Nowak, Attitudes as Catastrophes: From Dimensions to Categories with Increasing Involvement. R.R. Vallacher and A. Nowak, The Stream of Social Judgment. A. Nowak, M. Lewenstein, and
  • Data Publicarii : 21 Feb 1994
  • Format : Hardback
  • Numar pagini : 305
  • ISBN : 9780127099903
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