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Management Accounting in Small Growth Orientated Service Sector Businesses
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Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study Guide for Management Accountants
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Risk and Management Accounting: Best Practice Guidelines for Enterprise-wide Internal Control Procedures
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Business Risk Management Handbook: A Sustainable Approach
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Risk and Control Strategy: For May and November 2005 Exams
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International Transfer Pricing: A Survey of Cross-Border Transactions
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Financial Institutions and Corporate Governance: A Dynamic Model of Corporate Governance
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Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law: CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting : Relevant for Computer Based Assessments
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Success and Failure of Activity-based Techniques: a Long-term Perspective
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Cost System Design and Profitabillity Analysis in UK Companies
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Information System Development in the Small Firm: The Use of Management Accounting
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Accountants' Response to Ethical Issues as Work
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Accountants' Response to Ethical Issues as Work

Colin Fisher , Alan Lovell Editura: CIMA Publishing
  • Format : Paperback
  • Data Publicarii : 15 Jun 2000
  • ISBN : 9781859714607
The Co-ordination of Mission Statements, Objectives and Targets in UK Executive Agencies
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