Foundation Maths Plus MyMathLab Global Student Access Card/Mathematics Dictionary

Anthony Croft , Robert Davison

Editura: Prentice Hall
This valuepack contains Croft: Foundation Mathematics and The Penguin Dictionary of Mathematics, 3e.Foundation Maths has been written for students taking higher or further education courses, who have not specialised in mathematics on post-16 qualifications and need to use mathematical tools in their courses. It is ideally suited for those studying marketing, business studies, management, science, engineering, computer science, social science, geography, combined studies and design. It will be useful for those who lack confidence and need careful, steady guidance in mathematical methods. Even for those whose mathematical expertise is already established, the book will be a helpful revision and reference guide. The style of the book also makes it suitable for self-study or distance learning.
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    Guided Tour

    Mathematical symbols

    1. Arithmetic of whole numbers

    2. Fractions

    3. Decimal Fractions

    4. Percentage and Ratio

    5. Algebra

    6. Indices

    7. Simplifying algebraic expressions

    8. Factorisation

    9. Algebraic fractions

    10. Transposing formulae

    11. Solving equations

    12. Sequences and series

    13. Sets

    14. Number bases

    15. Elementary logic

    16. Functions

    17. Graphs of functions

    18. The straight line

    19. The exponential function

    20. The logarithm function

    21. Measurement

    22. Introduction to trigonometry

    23. The trigonometrical functions and their graphs

    24. Trigonometrical equations and identities

    25. Solution of triangles

    26. Vectors

    27. Matrices

    28. Tables and charts

    29. Statistics

    30. Probability

    31. Correlation

    32. Regression

    33. Gradients of curves


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  • Format : Mixed media product
  • ISBN : 9781408264195
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