Fundamental Analog Electronics

Editura: Prentice Hall
Fundamental Analog Electronics uses an innovative presentation technique to give concise coverage of all the core material in circuit theory and analog electronics for both engineers and scientists. The book takes a bottom-up approach, starting from components and working up through more complex combinations to the understanding of systems. The text consists of a series of 58 units that summarize the key issues. Each summary is followed by a detailed discussion of these issues and then completed by worked examples and problems for the student. Instructor's Manual (0-13-575382-1).Instructor's Manual (0-13-899196-0).
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    1. Ohm's Law
    2. Resistors in Series
    3. Resistors in Parallel
    4. Potential Divider
    5. Resistor Networks
    6. Power Dissipation in Resistors
    7. Power Ratios and Decibels
    8. AC and DC Waveforms
    9. Voltage and Power in AC Circuits
    10. Capacitors
    11. Inductors
    12. Complex Impedance of R C and L complex Impedance Diagram
    13. Resistors and Reactances
    14. Generalized Potential Divider
    15. Bode Plot and Frequency Response
    16. Filter Classification
    17. Fourier Series
    18. Thevenin's Theorem
    19. Norton's Theorem
    20. Principles of Superposition
    21. Semiconductor Materials
    22. Diode Structure and Operation
    23. Diode Junction Characteristics
    24. Characteristics of Real Diodes
    25. Diode Circuits
    26. Small Signal Diode Circuits
    27. Diode Rectifiers
    28. Zener Diodes
    29. Transistor Structure and Operation
    30. Transistor Bias Circuits
    31. Small Signal Amplifiers
    32. Data Publicarii : 1997
    33. Editie : 1
    34. Format : Paperback
    35. Numar pagini : 336
    36. ISBN : 9780135342985
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