Fundamentals of Social Psychology with Gradetracker 1st Canadian Edition

Elliot Aronson , Timothy D. Wilson , Robin M. Akert , Beverley Fehr

Appropriate for one-semester social psychology courses in colleges and universities.In this first Canadian edition, the authors have provided essential content in a Canadian context, using a relaxed, story-telling style. Fundamentals combines a scientific approach, drawing on both classic and contemporary research, with a focus on applications. Each chapter is concise and self-contained in terms of topics and concepts. Consequently, instructors can assign the chapters in any order they please; concepts are always explained in clear terms so that students won't need to have read earlier chapters in order to grasp the meanings of later ones. Based on the highly-regarded full-size Aronson text, Fundamentals has 10 streamlined chapters (compared to 13 plus 3 separate applied chapters in the comprehensive text): Topics of social cognition and social perception have been condensed into a single chapter, "Social Cognition and Social Perception: How We Perceive and Think about the Social World" (Chapter 3). Examination of self is now presented in a single chapter, "Self-Knowledge and Self-Evaluation:Self-Understanding and the Need to Maintain Self-Esteem" (Chapter 4). Chapter 9, "Prosocial Behaviour and Aggression: Helping and Harming Others," combines coverage of these two sides of human behaviour.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : 1. Introduction to Social Psychology

    2. Methodology: How Social Psychologists Do Research

    3. Social Cognition and Social Perception: How We Perceive and Think about the Social


    4. Self-Knowledge and Self-Evaluation: Self-Understanding and the Need to Maintain


    5. Attitudes and Attitude Change: Influencing Thoughts, Feelings, adn Behaviour

    6. Conformity: Influencing Others

    7. Group Processes: Influence in Social Groups

    8. Interpersonal Attraction: From First Impressions to Close Relationships

    9. Prosocial Behaviour and Aggression: Helping and Harming Others

    10. Prejudice: Causes and Cures
  • Data Publicarii : 2006
  • Editie : 1
  • Format : Mixed media product
  • Numar pagini : 496
  • ISBN : 9780132023177
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