Government by the People Custom Version

David B. Magleby , David M. O'Brien , Paul C. Light , J. W. Peltason , Thomas E. Cronin

Editura: Longman
For any first course in Federal Taxation at the undergraduate or MBA level. The Pope/Anderson/Kramer series is unsurpassed in blending the technical content of the most recent federal taxation mandates with the highest level of readability and relevancy for students. How do you help students sort through and understand all the technical content and definitions in federal taxation? Unique Margin Notes, which are unmatched in any other tax book, act as an internal study guide to provide additional assistance for students and help them master the concepts of federal taxation. - Additional Comment, page xxx- Key Points, page xxx- Real-World Examples, page xxx- Typical Misconceptions, page xxx- Ethical Points, page xxx- Self-Study Questions and Answers, page xxx- Book-to-Tax Accounting Comparisons, page xxx- Historical Notes, page xxx- Tax Strategy Tips, page xxx How do you encourage critical thinking in your course? Is this an important skill in Taxation? What Would You Do in This Situation? boxes place students in a decision-making role to analyze the different sides of various issues. The boxes include many current controversies that are as yet unresolved or are currently being considered by the courts. - Page xxx Stop and Think boxes are "speed bumps" that encourage students to pause and apply what they have just learned. Solutions for each issue are provided in the box.- Page xxx OTHER POINTS OF DISTINCTION How necessary is it to stay up to date with the latest mandates in Federal Taxation? Commitment to Currency-The annual Pope/Anderson/Kramer series texts publish on or before April 15 of each year, bringing you and your students the most recent updates in taxation. In addition to updating the annual editions, the authors will also respond to important changes in the tax law in between editions if necessary. For example, the authors provided an update covering the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005 and the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA). FAS 109 (Accounting for Income Taxes) is incorporated into the text.- Page xxx Multi-State Tax Chapter is available on the Companion Website.- TaxAct Tax Preparation CD is available for packaging with the text.
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  • Data Publicarii : 2008
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  • ISBN : 9780132394987
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