History of Mathematics: States of the Art

Joseph W. Dauben , Menso Folkerts , Eberhard Knobloch , Hans Wussing

The contributors and their methods are diverse. Their papers deal with subjects such as anamorphic art, the geometry of Durer, musical works of Mozart and Beethoven, the history of negative numbers, the development of mathematical notation, and efforts to bring mathematics to bear on problems in commerce and engineering. All papers have English summaries. This book provides historians of mathematics or mathematicians with an interest in history with an overview of the methods, concerns, and results of research in the history of mathematics as it stands today.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : Art: K. Andersen, The Mathematical Treatment of Anamorphoses from Piero della Francesca to Niceron. I. Grattan-Guinness, Mozart 18, Beethoven 32: Hidden Shadows of Integers in Classical Music. J. Peiffer,La Style Mathematique de Durer et sa Conception de la Geometrie. People and Events: K-R. Biermann and G. Schubring, Einige Nachtroge zur Biographie von Karl Weierstra. J.W. Dauben, Mathematics at the University of Toronto: Abraham Robinson in Canada (1951-1957). S.S. Demidov and C.E. Ford, N.N. Luzin and the Affair of the 'National Fascist Center. M. Folkerts Johannes Praetorius (1537-1616)ein bedeutender Mathematiker und Astronom des 16. Jahrhunderts. The Transmission and Evolution of Ideas: Various Traditions: H.L.L. Busard, Einiges buer die Handschrift Leiden 399/1 und die arabisch-lateinische bersetzung von Gerhard von Cremona. Y. Dold-Samplonius, The Book of Assumptions by Tha(line over a)bit ibn Qurra (836-901). E.A. Fellman, Partielle Differentiation im Briefwechsel Eulers mit Niklaus I Bernoullieine M
  • Data Publicarii : 27 Mar 1996
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