Introduction to System Dynamics

Derek Rowell , David N. Wormley

Editura: Prentice Hall
Junior or Senior level courses taught to mechanical, aerospace engineering, and engineering mechanics students. The course will be offered in Mechanical, Aerospace or Engineering Mechanics departments.Rowell and Wormley use a linear graph approach. This contrasts with the bond graph approach or no graph approach. This is the first modern linear graph System Dynamics text that has been published in 30 years.
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     1. Introduction.

     2. Energy and Power Flow in State-Determined Systems.

     3. Summary of One-Port Primitive Elements.

     4. Formulation of System Models.

     5. State Equation Formulation.

     6. Energy Transducing System Elements.

     7. Operational Methods for Linear Systems.

     8. System Properties and Solution Techniques.

     9. First- and Second-Order System Response.

    10. General Solution of the Linear State Equations.

    11. Solution of System Response by Numerical Simulation.

    12. The Transfer Function.

    13. Impedance-Based Modeling Methods.

    14. Sinusoidal Frequency Response of Linear Systems.

    15. Frequency Domain Methods.

    Appendix A - Introduction to Matrix Algebra.

    Appendix B - Complex Numbers.

    Appendix C - Partial Fraction Expansion of Rational Functions.
  • Data Publicarii : 1997
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  • ISBN : 9780132108089
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