Literature for Adventures in the Human Spirit, Vol. I

Philip E. Bishop

Editura: Pearson
Freshman and Sophomore level courses for Introduction to Humanities offerings.This is a chronologically developed anthology of major works of literature, philosophy and major religious traditions. It will supplement any introductory Western humanities course as additional reading. Ideal for two semester courses.
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  • Cuprins : (NOTE: Numbers in brackets refer to corresponding chapters in Adventures in the Human Spirit).


    1. The Ancient World. {2}
    Egyptian Myth

    The Egyptian Creation: Earth and Sky.

    Mesopotamian Myth

    From the Enuma Elish.


    The Great Learning.


    Buddha's Four Noble Truths.

    2. The Greeks. {2}The Iliad

    The Iliad, Book XXIV; Achilles and Priam.

    The Odyssey

    The Odyssey, Book IX: The Kyklops.


    Poems to Aphrodite.


    Oedipus the King.


    Apology of Socrates. From The Republic, Book XVII: The Allegory of the Cave.

    Aristotle, From the Nichomachean Ethics: On Happiness.
    3. The Romans. [3]Catullus

    Catullus Lyric.


    The Aeneid: From Book I. Book XIV: Aeneas and Dido.


    From On the Nature of the Universe, Book III.

    Marcus Aurelius

    From Meditations, Book II.

    4. Ch
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  • ISBN : 9780131412514
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