Medical Imaging: Techniques, Reflection and Evaluation

Elizabeth Carver , Barry Carver

This book provides in one concise volume the entire range of radiographic positioning and techniques - the fundamental concepts of radiography which all students and professionals must understand. Uniquely, it combines this essential core knowledge with a reflective approach. The editors have brought together contributions from radiographers, radiography lecturers, radiologists and other experts from the commercial sector of medical imaging, all selected for their clinical and academic expertise. The authors have been comprehensive, thorough and innovative. This well-presented book should be adopted by Schools of Diagnostic Imaging in Europe and elsewhere and be a constant companion to the reflective radiographic practitioner. (From the foreword by Patrick Brennan)
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  • Cuprins : Section 1 Imaging principles 1. Film/screen imaging Susan Penelope Nash 2. Digital imaging Philip Cosson 3. Density, contrast and unsharpness, exposure factors and dose Barry Carver Section 2 Skeletal radiography 4. Introduction to Sections 2 and 3: Skeletal chest and abdominal radiography Elizabeth Carver and Barry Carver 5. Fingers, hand and wrist Elizabeth Carver 6. Forearm, elbow and humerus Elizabeth Carver 7. The shoulder girdle Linda Williams 8. Foot, toes, ankle, tibia and fibula Linda Williams 9. Knee and femur Linda Williams 10. Pelvis and hips Linda Williams 11. Cervical spine Barry Carver 12. Thoracic spine Linda Williams 13. Lumbar spine Margo McBride 14. Sacrum and coccyx Elizabeth Carver 15. Thoracic skeleton Elizabeth Carver 16. Principles of radiography of the head Elizabeth Carver 17. Basic isocentric radiography Amanda J. Royle 18. Cranial vault Barry Carver and Amanda.J. Royle 19. Face (facial bones) Elizabeth Carver and Amanda J. Royle 20. Paranasal sinuses Elizabeth C
  • Data Publicarii : 18 May 2006
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  • Numar pagini : 656
  • ISBN : 9780443062124
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