Neuroanatomy of the Oculomotor System: v. 2: On Prelims III and Copyright Page Only Updated Extended Version of Neuroanatomy of the Oculomotor System, Reviews of Oculomotor Research (1988)

Jean Buttner-Ennever

This volume in the Progress in Brain Research series features reviews on the functional neuroanatomy and connectivity of the brain areas involved in controlling eye movements. Oculomotor control of the eyes is now the subject of many research projects, and advances in this field are relevant to understanding motor control in general.
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  • Cuprins : List of contributors Preface 1. Present concepts of oculomotor organization 2. Biological Organization of the extraocular muscles 3. Sensory control of extraocular muscles 4. The extraocular motor nuclei: organization and functional neuroanatomy 5. The reticular formation 6. The anatomy of the vestibular nuclei 7. Nucleus Prepositus 8. Oculomotor Cerebellum 9. Inferior olive and oculomotor system 10. The oculomotor role of the pontine nuclei and the nucleus reticularis tegmenti pontis 11. The mammalian superior colliculus: laminar structure and connections 12. The Pretectum: connections and oculomotor-related roles 13. The accessory optic system: basic organization with an update on connectivity, neurochemistry and function 14. Oculomotor-related pathways of the basal ganglia 15. Cortico-cortical networks and cortico-subcortical loops for the higher control of eye movements 16. MRI and fMRI analysis of oculomotor function 17. Long descending motor tract axons and their control of neck and axial muscles Sub
  • Data Publicarii : 01 Jun 2005
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