Object Orientation

Gerald Kristen

Object-orientation is a conceptual framework which emerged in the 1980s as a result of the genesis of new computer languages, in particular Smalltalk. Since then it has arguably become the fundamental framework for the evolution of computer languages and software development. In this book, Gerald Kristen takes these fundamental object-oriented ideas and uses them as the basis for a mature object-oriented systems development method---the KISS method---which utilizes a number of completely integrated models and techniques. The ideas of object-orientation are used as a means of gathering information and meaning from everyday language and from this basis a structure and method is provided which can be used to design information systems in an incremental fashion.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : Introduction Of Object-Orientation

    • Introduction
    • Methods for System Development
    • The KISS-Method for Object-Orientation
    • Object -Oriented Concepts of Languages
    • KISS within an Evolution Model for Information Supply

      Information Management
    • Introduction
    • Information Quadrant
    • Information Architecture
    • Definition of an Information Quadrant
    • Example of an Information Quadrant

      The Kiss-Method For Object Orientation >
    • Introduction
    • Starting points of the KISS-Method
    • The KISS-Paradigm
    • The Control Model and the KISS-Paradigm
    • The Communication Paradigm
    • The Subject-Communication Model
    • Workflow Analysis

      Grammatical Analysis
    • Introduction
    • Natural Language of Communication
    • Structure Sentences Grammar and the KISS-Paradigm
    • Encapsulation in the Natural Language
    • Special Grammar Concepts
    • Grammatical
    • Data Publicarii : 1994
    • Editie : 1
    • Format : Paperback
    • Numar pagini : 520
    • ISBN : 9780201422993
    434.99 Lei

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