Personality Theories

Bem P. Allen

Organized by individual theorists, this comprehensive text examines the major movements in the field through an historic and humanistic approach. This text provides a comprehensive introduction to the key personality theorists by combining biographical information on each theorist with his or her contributions to the field, including her or his ranking among the world's most respected psychologists. In addition, Allen provides a tabular format-that is, a running comparison between the major theorists, allowing students to analyze new theories against theories learned in previous chapters. The unique style of Allen's book is strengthened through his conversational tone, enabling students to easily grasp an understanding of the key people and movements in the field of personality.
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    1. Introduction.

    Preliminary Definition of Personality.

            Implications and Cautions.

    Methods of Studying Personality.

            The Case History Method.

            The Correlation Method.

            The Experimental Method.

    Personality Tests: Personologists' Tools.

            Reliability and Validity.

            Projective and Objective Tests.

    Testing and Theorizing about Personality in a World of Human Diversity.

    A Final Word about "Science".

    Chapter Sections.

            Introductory Statement.

            The Person: Biographies.

            View of the Person: General Philosophica

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