Physiotherapy Practice in Residential Aged Care

Jennifer C. Nitz , Susan R. Hourigan

With the numbers of entrants to residential aged care facilities steadily growing, there is more than ever the need for a text specially written for all professionals interested, or already working, in this specialized area of practice. Physiotherapy Practice in Residential Aged Care will assist all those pursuing excellence in this field by highlighting and illustrating the range of knowledge and treatment skills unique to the physiotherapist. Clearly and systematically written, this valuable new text looks at the physiological changes accompanying the aging process as well as the physiotherapist's role in assessment, preventing residents' injuries and promoting life satisfaction. Major presenting problems relating to being immobile, barely mobile, or ambulatory are examined. Information and strategies to assist with residents suffering from pain, osteoporosis, incontinence or disorders requiring palliation are covered as well as a special chapter on aquatic physiotherapy in response to the increasing use of pools in aged care facilities.
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  • Cuprins : I. AGING AND ITS ATTENDANTS 1. Physiological changes with age 2. The physiotherapist's contribution to resident assessment 3. Resident injuries 4. Life satisfaction II. CARE OF THE IMMOBILE OR BARELY MOBILE RESIDENT 5. The complexity of the immobile or barely mobile resident 6. Managing problems encountered in immobile or barely mobile residents 7. What about beds and chairs? III. THE CHALLENGE OF THE MOBILE RESIDENT 8. The profile of the mobile resident and how to protect such residents from falls 9. A theoretical framework for the assessment and treatment of balance and mobility deficits in the elderly 10. Retraining balance using task-focused workstations 11. Exercise prescription in residential aged care facilities 12. Osteoporosis 13. Aquatic physiotherapy for residents in aged care facilities 14. Physiotherapy for pelvic floor dysfunction in the aged care setting IV. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS OF PAIN AND PALLIATIVE CARE 15. Pain in the elderly 16. Physiotherapy in palliative care Appendix 1. Case studi
  • Data Publicarii : 07 Sep 2004
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  • ISBN : 9780750687720
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