Pocketbook of Radiographic Positioning

Ruth Sutherland , Calum Thomson

A practical guide to the variety of radiographic projections commonly encountered in a clinical environment. It provides advice on how to approach radiographic positioning and technique, both efficiently and effectively. It emphasises on the importance of achieving the best possible image with the minimum exposure.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : Radiographic Projections: Upper Extremity: Fingers - PA (Dorsipalmar), Lateral. Thumb - AP, Lateral, AP Alternative position (trauma). Hand - PA (Dorsipalmar), PA oblique, Lateral, AP oblique (Ball Catcher's). Wrist - PA, PA oblique, Lateral. Scaphoid - PA, PA oblique, Lateral, AP oblique, Possible scaphoid fracture, (Alternative banana projection). Forearm - AP, Lateral. Elbow - AP, Lateral, Modified projections. Radial head - Alternative projection. Humerus - AP, Lateral. Shoulder Girdle: Shoulder joint - AP, AP oblique, Axial inferosuperior, Axial superoinferior, Supplementary 'Y' projection - dislocated shoulder. Scapula - AP, Lateral. Acromioclavicular joints - AP, AP weight-bearing. Clavicle - PA, Inferosuperior. Thoracic Cage: Upper ribs - Right or left posterior obliques, Lower ribs - AP. Sternum - Lateral, Anterior Oblique (RAO). Respiratory system: Lung fields - PA, Lateral, Apices, Lordotic. Trachea-thoracic inlet - AP, Lateral. Abdominal contents: Abdomen - AP supine, AP erect, Left lateral decub
  • Data Publicarii : 14 Sep 2007
  • Editie : 3 Rev ed
  • Format : Paperback
  • Numar pagini : 172
  • ISBN : 9780443103308
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