Principles of Electronic Devices

William D. Stanley

Editura: Prentice Hall
For first and second-year courses in Electronic Devices and Circuits and Linear Electronics at the Technology level.Rather than attempt to superficially cover every aspect of circuits and devices, this practical new introduction focuses on device modeling, circuit operation and analysis, and applied design in a way that establishes an understanding of how devices fundamentals can be applied in a wide range of circumstances. Basic devices are introduced through a two-chapter format that consists of a first chapter dealing with the particular device category and its models, followed by a second chapter dealing with simplified applications that use only resistive components. Prior to examining transistor amplifier circuits, a general development of amplifiers from a block diagram point of view is presented; and, concepts such as gain, input resistance, output resistance, stage loading, and interaction are developed with simple models before students become involved in specific circuit details. Manufacturers' specification/data sheets are used throughout the coverage.
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     1. Review of Circuit Analysis.

     2. Semiconductor Diodes.

     3. Applications of Diode-Resistor Circuits.

     4. Bipolar Junction Transistors.

     5. BJT-Resistor Circuit Applications.

     6. Field-Effect Transistors.

     7. FET-Resistor Circuit Applications.

     8. Frequency Response.

     9. Introduction to Amplifiers.

    10. BJT Small-Signal Amplifier Circuits.

    11. FET Small-Signal Amplifier Circuits.

    12. Multistage Amplifiers.

    13. Differential and Operational Amplifiers.

    14. Negative Feedback.

    15. Operational Amplifier Linear Circuits.

    16. Nonlinear Electronic Circuits.

    17. Oscillator Circuits.

    18. High-Frequency Effects in Amplifiers.

    19. Power Amplifiers.

    20. Power Supplies.

    21. Active Filters.

    22. Analog-To-Digital and Digital-
  • Data Publicarii : 1995
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  • ISBN : 9780024155603
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