Principles of Microeconomics

Eugene Silberberg

Editura: Prentice Hall
Appropriate for one-semester courses in undergraduate-MBA level Principles of Microeconomics.This text is an uncluttered approach to economics with a strong emphasis on simple, social science methodology. All examples and analyses flow from a few basic assumptions, such as diminishing marginal values, the law of diminishing marginal product and comparative advantage. Many nontraditional examples are used such as adoption markets, political markets and changes in smoking habits.
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    1. But Will It Work In Theory?

    Introduction. The Economic Paradigm. Demand and Supply. Applications.

    2. The Postulates Of Behavior.

    Axioms of Choice. Marginal Values and Demand Curves. The Law of Demand. Consumption Over Time. The Diamond-Water Paradox.

    3. The Theory Of Demand.

    Relative Versus Absolute Prices. Market Demand Curves. Elasticity of Demand. The "Second Law of Demand." Applications of the Law of Demand. Shipping the Good Apples Out.

    4. Exchange and Supply.

    The Gains From Exchange. Supply Curves. Seller's Rents. Economic Efficiency. The Formation of Organized Markets. The Role of "Middlemen." The Use of Money for Exchange. Political Exchange.

    5. Supply and Demand.

    Change in Demand vs. Change in the Quantity Demanded. Analysis of Interrelated Markets. Who Pays the Tax?

    6. Cost and Production.

    The Gains from Specialization. Comparative Advantage. Marginal Cos
  • Data Publicarii : 1995
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  • Format : Paperback
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  • ISBN : 9780131037144
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