Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics: Pt. I

S. Wilson , Erkki J. Brandas , Per-Olov Lowden , John R. Sabin , Michael C. Zerner , Jean Maruani , R. McWeeny , Y. G. Smeyers , P.J. Grout

The description of quantum systems is fundamental to an understanding of many problems in chemistry and physics. This volume records a representative selection of the papers delivered at the second European Workshop on Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics which was held at Jesus College, Oxford, April 6-9, 1997. The purpose of this international Workshop was to bring together chemists and physicists with a common interest - the quantum mechanical many-body problem - and to encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas on the fundamentals by promoting innovative theory and conceptual development rather than improvements in computatorial techniques and routine applications. This volume covers the following topics: density matrices and density functional theory; electron correlation; relativistic effects; valence theory; nuclear motion; response theory; condensed matter; and, chemical reactions.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : B.T. Sutcliffe, Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics: Some Hopes and Fears. R. McWeeny, Separability of Quantum Systems: A Density Matrix Approach. C. Valdemoro, M.P. de Lara-Castells, C. Perez-Romero, and L.M. Tel, The First Order Contracted Density Equations: Correlation Effects. Y.I. Delchev, A.I. Kuleff, R.L. Pavlov, and J. Maruani, A Consistent Calculation of Atomic Energy Shell Corrections: Strutinsky's Method in the Hartree-Fock-Roothaan Scheme. J. Maik and I. Hubac, Multireference Brillouin-Wigner Coupled-Cluster Theory: Single-Root Approach. T. van Mourik, A.K. Wilson, K.A. Peterson, D.E. Woon, and T.H. Dunning, Jr., The Effect of Basis Set Superposition Error (BSSE) on the Convergence of Molecular Properties Calculated with the Correlation Consistent Basis Sets. I.G. Kaplan, Role of Electron Correlation in Non-Additive Forces and Ab Initio Model Potentials for Small Metal Cluster. D. Moncrieff and S. Wilson, Distributed Gaussian Basis Sets in Correlation Energy Studies: The Second Order Correlat
  • Data Publicarii : 05 Nov 1998
  • Format : Hardback
  • Numar pagini : 345
  • ISBN : 9780120348312
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