Radio Frequency Transistors: Principles and Practical Applications

Norman Dye , Helge Granberg , L. Leighton

Radio Frequency Transistors: Principles and Practical Applications is a complete tool kit for successful RF circuit design. As cellular and satellite communications fields continue to expand, the need for RF circuit design grows. Radio Frequency Transistors contains a wealth of practical design information based on years of experience from authors who have worked with the leading manufacturers of RF components. The book focuses primarily on the more difficult area of high power transistor amplifier design and construction. An entire chapter devoted solely to LDMOS high power RF transistors has been added to the new edition. A comparison is given between LDMOS FETs, TMOS FETs and bipolar transistors, showing clearly why LDMOS is the designer's choice for high power, linear amplifiers in today's rapidly expanding digital world of communications. Coverage also includes applications of LDMOS RF high power transistors in current generation cellular technologies, the design of LDMOS high power amplifiers, and comments about the latest efforts to model LDMOS RF power devices. Other topics covered include the selection of matched high power RF transistors, input impedance matching of high power transistors, interstage matching, and capacitors and inductors at radio frequencies. It is fully updated to include the newest cutting edge technology of RF circuit design.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : Understanding RF data sheet parameters; DC specifications; Functional characteristics for power transistors, low power transistors, linear modules, and power modules; RF transistor fundamentals; Transistor characteristics in specific applications; Bandwidth considerations; MOSFETs vs. bipolars; FETs and BJTs; types of transistors; Comparing parameters; Circuit configurations; Common emitter and common source; Common Base and common gate; Common collector and common drain; Classes of operation; Forms of modulation; Operating transistors in pulse mode; Reliability considerations; Construction techniques; Types of packages; Emitter/source inductance; Laying out a circuit board; Tips for systematic PC layout design; Mounting RF devices; RF modules; Power amplifier design; Single-ended RF amplifier designs; Parallel transistor amplifiers; MOSFETs; Push-pull amplifiers; Computer-aided design programs; Circuit testing; Types of low-pass filters; Wideband impedance matching; Conventional transformers; Twisted wire tr
  • Data Publicarii : 08 Mar 2001
  • Editie : 2 Rev ed
  • Format : Paperback
  • Numar pagini : 316
  • ISBN : 9780750672818
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