Radiological Protection in Biomedical Research: v. 22/3: Annals of the ICRP


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In recent years much progress has been made in radiological methods, in dosimetry, and in the knowledge of radiation effects. The ICRP has increased its risk estimates, and in addition, more extensiveinforrnationhasbecomeavailableon the effectof ageat exposure,on genderdifferences, on the magnitude of risk and on the consequences on in utero irradiation. It is therefore timely to review the asks and benefits of research involving the exposure of humans to radiation. The objective of Radiological Protection in Biomedical Research is to provide advice to individuals planning such research, those involved in issuing general rules of conduct, and those engaged in evaluation of specific research projects.The report should also be madeavailableto those who may become the subject of investigations (patients, volunteers). Published with this report is Addendum 1 to ICRP Publication 53, Radiation Dose topatientsfrom Radiopharmaceuticals. Published in l987, ICRP Publication 53 contained calculations on absorbed doses per unit activity administered for some 120 radiopharmaceuticals in regular use at the time. The calculations were based upon biokinetic [email protected] and best estimates @f biokinetic data for individual radiopharrnaceuticals. Since 1987 new radiopharmaceuticals have been introduced into regular use. This addendum presents biokinetic and dosimetic data on six new radiopharmaceutics, and is intended to be part of a continuing process of updating. Finally, a Summary of the Current ICRP Principles for Protection o.f the Patient in Diagnostic Radiology is induded with the report. This has been prepared to encourage medical professionalstobecomeawareofandtoutilisethosebasicprinciples,andi sanupdateofaprevious summary that appeared in ICRP Publication 57 (1989).
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  • Cuprins : Section headings: Introduction. Ethical aspects.The nature,types and magnitude of radiation risks.Methodology of risk assessment -the required inforimation. Principles of researchdesign involving use of ionising radiation. Factors relate d to product evaluation. Recommended procedures for project evaluation and responsibilities. References. Addendum to ICRP Publication 53. Section headings: Introduction. Biokinetic models, absorbed doses and effective dose for individual radiopharmaceuticals. Effective doses per unit administered activity for those radiopharmaceuticals published in ICRP Publication 53. Sununary of the CurrentICRP Principles forprotectionof thePatientinDiagnosticRadiology. Sectionheadings:TheICRPsystemof radiological protection.Healtheffectsof ionisingradiation. Radiation dore from diagnostic radiology. Absorbed dose in body tissues. Responsibilities of the physician and role of the r-adiographer. X-ray examinations directly associated with illness. X-ray examinationsof women.X-r-ayexamination
  • Data Publicarii : 19 May 1993
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