Relational Database Systems

Dan A. Simovici , Richard L. Tenney

Relational Database Systems provides a timely introduction to the type of systems that are the current mainstay of the database management field. This book serves as a text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as an informative reference for researchers and professionals in all database aspects of computer science. It presents important querying systems including SQL and QUEL, and covers their respective theoretical foundations in relational algebra, tuple calculus, and domain calculus. The presentation of SQL adheres to the ANSI standard; however, the book discusses the most popular SQL dialects; a separate chapter covers imbedded SQL. The text also contains references to many significant relational database products, including INGRES, ORACLE, DB2, PARADOX, and SYBASE. Relational Database Systems concentrates on those issues that are most relevant to database design and application development. Exercises that constitute important extensions of the material are provided at the end of each chapter. The book assumes a knowledge of programming languages and datastructures, and some mathematical induction. The key features are: it includes coverage of embedded SQL, the most important existing application development tool; presents query systems within their theoretical context; discusses supporting mathematical theory; offers a comparison of SQL dialects; provides supplemental exercises for each chapter; contains references to significant relational database products, including INGRES, ORACLE, DB2, PARADOX, and SYBASE.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : Introduction to Database Concepts: Databases and Database Systems. The Entity-Relationship Model. The Relational Model: The Relational Model. Relational Algebra Operations. Relational Algebra Computations. Relational Algebra Expressions. Other Operations. SQL--The Interactive Language: The Data Definition Component. The Data Manipulation Component. SQL and Database Administration. SQL Dialects. Embedded SQL: Structure of Embedded SQL Programs. Variablesin Embedded SQL. Flow of Control. Cursors. Updates in Embedded SQL. Dynamic SQL. SQL92 and Embedded SQL. Relational Calculi: Domain Calculus. Tuple Calculus. The QUEL Query Language. Query-by-Example. Paradoxs QBE Facility. Constraints and Schemas: Constraints and Schemas. Project-Join Mappings. SQL and Integrity Constraints. Functional Dependencies: Proofs and Functional Dependencies. Keys and Functional Dependencies. Covers. Tableaux. Normalization: Normal Forms. Normalization. Multivalued and Join Dependencies: Multivalued and Join Dependencies. Rules of Inf
  • Data Publicarii : 14 Aug 1995
  • Format : Hardback
  • Numar pagini : 485
  • ISBN : 9780126443752
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