Research Methods for the Social Sciences

Robert J. Mutchnick , Bruce L. Berg

Editura: Pearson
This unique workbook/text is designed as a stand-alone text or hands-on applications supplement for any of the standard texts on research methods in the social sciences. It presents examples from a wide range of current studies, with a research summary explaining how the methodology was used. Students then apply the methodology themselves in exercises, working through each step of the research. Accompanying the text are abstract reprints from a broad cross section of social science journals. By providing concise coverage of many different research topics, this text assures instructors maximum flexibility of selecting material suitable for any course and accompanying text.
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    Chapter 1.


    Objectives of the Manual General Description of the Research Enterprise The Scientific Method The Linkage between Theory and Research Inductive and Deductive Reasoning How to Read a Table Responsibility to Subjects, Colleagues and the Community.



    Abstracted Reprints.

    Table Reading: David J. Maume, Jr., Inequality and Metropolitan Rape Rates: A Routine Activity Approach, Justice Quarterly, Vol. 6(4), 1989: 513-525. Reading Tables and Creating Typologies: John Klofas, Measuring Jail Use: A Comparative Analysis of Local Corrections, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, Vol. 27(3), 1990: 295-317 Null and Alternate Hypotheses: Kathleen Daly, Gender and Varieties of White-Collar Crime, Criminology: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 27(4), 1989: 769-794.

    Chapter 2.

    Issues of Measurement.

    Why do Social Scientists Measure Variables? Relationship
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