SCO Open Desktop/SCO Open Server User's Guide

Editura: Prentice Hall
This volume provides an introduction to user-level features of Open Desktop/Open Server. KEY TOPICS: First covers working in the graphical environment; then explores advanced topics, such as working from the command line, working with UNIX system commands and files, working with DOS commands and files, and working with network commands and resources. MARKET: For end users of Open Desktop/Open Server.
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    What to Read.


     1. The Desktop at a Glance.
     2. Clicking, Moving, Adjusting.
     3. Working with Text.
     4. Getting Help.
     5. Sending and Reading Mail.
     6. Customizing Your Desktop.


     7. Working from the Command Line.
     8. Getting Started.
     9. Finding Your Way Around.
    10. Working with Files.
    11. Copying Files to Disk and Tape.
    12. Controlling the Work Environment.
    13. Editing Files.
    14. Getting Started with DOS.
    15. Finding Your Way Around with DOS.
    16. Working with DOS Files.
    17. Controlling the DOS Work Environment.
    18. Using DOS with the UNIX System.
    19. Using Windows with DOS Services.
    20. Getting Information About Other Computers.
    21. Logging in to Another Computer.
    22. Running Commands on Another Computer.
    23. Copying Files Between Computers.
    24. Mailing Files and Messages.
    25. Sharing Files Bet
  • Data Publicarii : 1994
  • Editie : 1
  • Format : Paperback
  • Numar pagini : 320
  • ISBN : 9780131068162
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