Software Reuse

Ivar Jacobson , M. Griss , P. Jonsson

"How can I incorporate reuse into my complex software development process in order to gain a competitive edge?" This is a question that many have attempted to answer by taking up object technology, with varying degrees of success. In Software Reuse: Architecture, Process and Organization for Business Success , the authors present a brand new, technically innovative, coherent and systematic model for implementing reuse. They have combined their experience in the fields of object oriented software engineering, business engineering and systematic software reuse to create the Reuse-Driven Software Engineering Business (Reuse Business) framework.Software Reuse: Architecture, Process and Organization for Business Success - introduces the concept of software reuse as a business success enable - describes how the right architecture allows applications and components to evolve gracefull - provides guidelines for implementing software engineering processe - advises on organizational issues such as the structure, transition, day-to-day managment, economics and measurement. Whether you are a software engineer, architect, designer, programmer or manager, whether you are familiar with the concepts of reuse, component-based software engineering, object oriented technology and business engineering or not, you should read Software Reuse: Architecture, Organization and Process for Business Success. In it you will find new ground-breaking information and adviceVisit the Rational Web Site
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    Systematic software reuse
    What is this book about?
    Who needs a Reuse-Driven Software Engineering Business?
    The essence of the Reuse-Driven Software Engineering Business
    Our experience
    How this book is organized
    What this book offers

    1. Software Reuse Success Factors
    1.1 Software reuse is a simple idea
    1.2 Components are fueling a revolution in application development
    1.3 A systematic approach makes pragmatic reuse work
    1.4 Ericsson and Hewlett-Packard reuse experience reveals common principles
    1.5 Reuse requires changes in process
    1.6 Reuse requires changes in organization
    1.7 Adopt reuse systematically and incrementally
    1.8 Input from other reuse programs
    1.9 It takes a set of principles
    1.10 Summary

    2. Reuse-Driven Software Engineering Is A Business
    2.1 Is it a business for you?
    2.2 Make reuse cost-effec
  • Data Publicarii : 1997
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