Space Debris: Proceedings of Meeting B8 of the Cospar Twenty-Ninth Plenary Meeting Held in Washington DC, USA, 28 August - 5 September 1992

W. Flury

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Space surveillance has confirmed the increasing number of large and useless objects orbiting the Earth. Of the known 7000 objects which have a minimum size of about ten centimetres in low Earth orbit and about one metre in the geostationary orbit, only about 6% are active satellites. Over 40% are fragments of breakups of rocket upper stages and satellites. The increasing amount of man-made objects in space as a result of space operation now gives cause for concern. Several independent analyses conclude that current practices in space will eventually lead to collisions between Earth orbiting objects. The forty papers presented in this volume comprise an overview of the current situation and also outline measures which could be taken to control the growth of debris.
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  • Cuprins : Part 1 Space surveillance and measurements of the environments: US space surveillance, N.L. Johnson; the Russian space surveillance system and some aspects of spaceflight safety, V. Dicky et al; radar observations of small space debris, E.G. Stansbery et al; a space station-based orbital debris tracking system, G.D. Arndt et al. Part 2 Meteoroids and small-size space debris - analysis of material returned from space: the near Earth space impact environment - an LDEF overview, J.A.M. McDonnell et al; estimation of debris cloud temporal characteristics and orbital elements, J.P. Oliver et al; preliminary analysis of the second layer of space pointing capture cell on the long duration exposure facility, H. Yano et al; orbital debris and meteoroids - results from retrieved spacecraft surfaces, J.C. Mandeville et al; an instrument for discrimination between orbital debris and natural particles in near-Earth space, A.J. Tuzzolino et al. Part 3 Space debris models and future evolution: orbital debris environment in
  • Data Publicarii : 13 Jul 1993
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  • ISBN : 9780080423364
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