The Optometrists Practitioner-patient Manual

Anthony J. Phillips

There are many occasions in clinical practice when a picture will tell a thousand words. For all optometrists who would like to be able to show their patients simple, clear and high quality illustrations of procedures and conditions, The Optometrist's Practitioner-Patient Manual is the answer. Moving through anatomy, spectacle lenses, abnormal conditions, contact lenses and binocular vision, this practical and durable handbook is an excellent chair-side aid for practitioners to help patients understand their ocular conditions. It can help you explain why specific tests are being advised or a certain optical aid is being prescribed.With full colour throughout and incorporating patient reading charts, this unique manual encourages patient understanding, patient compliance and loyalty whilst being a real time-saver for practitioners. No practice should be without it! This is the first practitioner-patient manual for optometrists. It includes over 250 full colour, ultra-clear illustrations. All common conditions covered. It features lie-flat binding for ease of use. It includes reading charts. It is a truly invaluable tool to aid practitioner-patient communication.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : Reading Charts SECTION 1 THE EYE 1. The Eye - Frontal View 2. Cross Section of the Eye 3. The Fundus with differing Pigment Levels 4. Nerve Pathway 5. Refractive Errors 6. Presbyopia 7. Why do I see better in good light or if I screw up my eyes? 8. What does 6/6 or 20/20 mean? 9. Surgical Correction of Focal Errors SECTION 2 SPECTACLE LENSES 11. Bifocal/Multifocal Types 12. Progressive Lenses 13. Effect of Refractive Index and Lens Diameter on Thickness 14. Lenticulated Lenses 15. Refractive Index Effects 16. Anti-Reflection Coatings 17. Polarizing Lenses 18. DriveWear Lenses SECTION 3 ABNORMAL CONDITIONS ANTERIOR EYE 19. Belpharitis - Anterior * Blepharitis - Posterior 20. Cataract * Cataract Surgery * Capsular opacification 21. Corneal Grafting 22. Colour vision 23. Cysts and Styes 24. Dendritic Ulcers 25. Dry Eyes 26. Fuchs Dystrophy 27. Glaucoma * Causes of Glaucoma * The optic Disc * Disc Haemorrhage * Visual Field Screening in Glaucoma 28. Pinguecula and Pterygia 29. Subluxated Lens 30. Tear
  • Data Publicarii : 06 Jun 2008
  • Format : Spiral bound
  • Numar pagini : 146
  • ISBN : 9780750675390
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