The Politics of Early Modern Women's Writing

Danielle Clarke

Editura: Longman
An introduction to the ever-expanding field of early modern women's writing, which challenges the conventional view of Renaissance women as marginal to the cultural reproduction of the time.Far from conforming to the conventional 'chaste, silent and obedient' model, or merely working from the 'margins' of Renaissance culture, women in the early modern period engaged centrally with many of the major ideas and controversies of their time. The author discusses many previously neglected texts and authors, as well as more familiar figures such as Mary Sidney, Countess of Penbroke, Isabella Whitney and Lady Mary Wroth. Examining the importance of genres and forms of circulation in the production of meaning, this survey will be of interest both to readers encountering the material for the first time, and to those working in the fields of women's writing, gender studies, history and literature.
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  • Cuprins : Introduction CHAPTER 1. WOMEN, LANGUAGE & RHETORICEducation and LiteracySpeakingReadingWriting CHAPTER 2. THE RENAISSANCE DEBATE ABOUT WOMENJane Anger and the invasion of traditionSwetnam the woman-hater arraigned CHAPTER 3. DRAMA AND THE GENDERED POLITICAL SUBJECTTranslating politicsDeath, sex and politicsTragedy and the politics of marriageComedy and the playing of politics CHAPTER 4. WRITING THE DIVINE: FAITH AND POETRYVoicing God in the Psalms of DavidPoetic visions and dream poetryAemilia Lanyer and the revision of biblical historyAnne Dowriche and political agencyElegies, epitaphs and the poetry of mourning CHAPTER 5. POETRY, POLITICS AND GENDERIsabella Whitney: wit, prodigality and the cityPetrachanism, politics and the feminineLady Mary Wroth and the dynamics of disclosure CHAPTER 6. WOMEN READING AND WRITING ROMANCE Barclay's Argenis and gendered translationThe Countesse of Mountgomeries Urania (1621)Re
  • Data Publicarii : 2001
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