The Science and Practice of Manual Therapy: Physiology Neurology and Psychology

Eyal Lederman

The Science and Practice of Manual Therapy , previously entitled The Fundamentals of Manual Therapy , is an extensive examination of how manual therapy (MT) techniques work, and how to match the most suitable techniques to different conditions. Drawing on evidence-based research, it explores the physiological, neurological and psychophysiological responses of the human body to MT techniques. A highly practical book, which provides useful clinical strategies for the treatment of common conditions seen in manual therapy practice. This new edition has been completely rewritten, extensively updated and expanded, with addition of new research material, novel clinical approaches and demonstration of new techniques and assessments. The text aims to assist practitioner and students of manual therapy develop a deeper understanding of their patient's processes and how they may be affected by different MT techniques. It aims to help MT practitioners deliver a more effective and safer treatment and to be able to treat a broader range of conditions.
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  • Cuprins : 1. Introduction SECTION 1 The effect of manipulation on the tissue organization 2. Manual therapy in the tissue dimension 3. Assisting repair with manual therapy 4. Affecting fluid flow with manual therapy 5. Assisting adaptation: manual stretching 6. Pain relief by manual therapy: the local tissue dimension 7. Overview and summary of Section 1 References SECTION 2 Neurological organization in manual therapy 8. Manual therapy in the neurological dimension 9. The motor system 10. Proprioceptive stimulation by manual therapy techniques 11. Affecting the lower motor system with manual therapy 12. The adaptive code for neuromuscular re-abilitation 13. Abilities, inability and re-abilitation 14. Treating the intact motor system: behavioural and psychomotor dysfunctions 15. Neuromuscular organisation in musculoskeletal damage 16. Re-abilitating the damaged motor system 17. Pain relief by manual therapy - neurological mechanisms 18. Muscle tone 19. Overview and summary of Section 2 References SECTION 3 Psychol
  • Data Publicarii : 18 Jan 2005
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