Understanding the New SQL: A Complete Guide

Jim Melton , Alan R. Simon

This is an effective introduction to SQL, and a comprehensive reference for years to come. As the editor of the 1992 standard, Jim Melton is an authority on the language and its new features. Using a highly readable, conversational style, he and Alan Simon clearly present the power of SQL. They describe practical methods of using SQL to solve problems, advanced SQL query expressions, dynamic SQL, transaction models, and database design. It includes a tutorial on basic relational database concepts. It presents a clear explanation of the differences between SQL-89 and SQL-92. It provides retail video and music store as an example that develops with the SQL presentation. It offers coverage of international character sets.
  • Limba : Engleza
  • Cuprins : 1 Introduction to SQL-92 2 Getting Started with SQL-92 3 Basic Table Creation and Data Manipulation 4 Basic Data Definition Language (DDL) 5 Values, Basic Functions, and Expressions 6 Advanced Value Expressions: CASE, CAST, and Row Value Expressions 7 Predicates 8 Working with Multiple Tables: The Relational Operators 9 Advanced SQL Query Expressions 10 Constraints, Assertions, and Referential Integrity 11 Accessing SQL from the Real World 12 Cursors 13 Privileges, Users, and Security 14 Transaction Management 15 Connections and Remote Database Access 16 DYNAMIC SQL 17 Diagnostics and Error Management 18 Internationalization Aspects of SQL-92 19 Information Schema 20 A Look to the Future A Designing SQL-92 Databases B A Complete SQL-92 Example C The SQL-92 Annexes: Differences, Implementation-Defined and Implementation-Dependent Features, Deprecated Features, and Leveling D Relevant Standards Bodies E Status Codes F The SQL Standardization Process G The Complete SQL-92 Language
  • Data Publicarii : 02 Dec 1992
  • Format : Paperback
  • Numar pagini : 564
  • ISBN : 9781558602458
297.99 Lei
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