You are Not So Smart : Why Your Memory is Mostly Fiction, Why You Have Too Many Friends on Facebook and 46 Other Ways You're Deluding Yourself

David McRaney

How many of your Facebook friends do you think you know? Do you think you'd rush to a stranger's help when no one else would? Do you think you choose which product to buy based on whether you like it? Do you think you know why you procrastinate? The truth is, you're probably wrong. You are not so smart. In fact, you're pretty irrational, just like everyone else.

But that's OK - because that's all part of being human. Based on the popular blog, You Are Not So Smart explores in 48 short chapters the assorted ways we mislead ourselves everyday. In this pithy celebration of self-delusion, prepare for a whirlwind tour of the latest research in psychology, and to discover finally why we never get round to our New Year resolutions.

“Simply wonderful. An engaging and useful guide to how our brilliant brains can go badly wrong.” Professor Richard Wiseman – author of 59 Seconds

“Fascinating! You’ll never trust your brain again.” Alex Boese – author of Elephants on Acid and Electric Sheep

“A much-needed field guide to the limits of our so-called consciousness.” William Poundstone – author of Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?

“Want to get smarter? Read this book.” David Eagleman – neuroscientist and author of Incognito

“Every chapter is a welcome reminder that you are not so smart – yet you're never made to feel dumb. You Are Not So Smart is a dose of psychology research served in tasty anecdotes that will make you better understand both yourself and the rest of us. Give yourself every advantage you can and read this book.” Alexis Ohanian – co-founder of

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